Louisville Event:

972 W Dillon Rd, Louisville Co

Tibetan Bowl Sacred Sound Meditation
Yogic Breathing and Sound Healing

Friday, July 24th , 6:30 pm - 8 pm
Investment $25.00
Pre-register here

Boulder Event: New Moon

New Moon ... New Beginnings
It's time to bring in the new!  No it not New Years Eve.  
We get to do this every month!  
What have you been itching to create in your life.
 Want to increase your income? 
Want to be seen and respected in a bigger way?
Want to attract a conscious sexy man or woman?
Want to re-ignite the passion in your existing relationship?

Come and spend the evening with the Sacred Vibrations of the Ancient Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Alchemy bowls.
It's easy...set your intention, lay down and breath!

Friday, August 14, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Investment $25.00


Sacred Sound Tibetan Bowl Healing

Allow the Sacred Sound of the Tibetan Bowls to infuse your body and open you up to the essence of your true self. The you that you were born to be.

Touch that still point, that merges your
physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies
 into awareness of the present moment,
 where you can live your life to it’s fullest.

The present moment is the place where you dance in the freedom in the awareness of your conditioning and beliefs that can keep you from the curiosity,
which leads you to the adventure of truly living a passion filled life.

So if your life is awesome and you know it, like Alicia does, and you know that there is still more available and want to access the mystery of the more,
then come and join Alicia for a Sacred Sound Tibetan Bowl infusion.

Bodhi Tree Energetics
Sacred Sound Tibetan Bowl Healing
by Alicia Lochary

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